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Trubky pro opláštění vodních studní UPVC se závitovým připojením a potrubní / drážkované trubky

  • Technické parametry
  • Technické parametry

Hlavní technické vlastnosti

● PVC-U pipes system for water well includes casing pipe and screen pipe, connecting type is

used by high strength thread joint.

● Non-conductive: Good insulation, assuring a safe system

● Smooth surface: Small friction coefficient to ensure the cables or water go through smoothly

● Fire resistance: Self-extinguishing, do not support combustion

● Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to acids, bases and salts, assuring a lower maintenance cost

and a longer performance life

● Impact strength: Resistant to compression and impact, suitable to be buried in concrete

● Easy Installation: solvent cement and threading joining

● Water well PVC-U pipes can solve cast iron and steel well pipe erode distortion, destroy, flow

sand problems

● Length: 5.8meters or 3 meters or as per you requirements.

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● Other sizes are also available upon your request.

● Color: Blue or customized

● Length: 3 meters or 5.8 meters or as per your request

● Connection: Socketed Pipe with Threaded end(box*pin)

● Screen Slots: 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm or customized

Mechanical &Physical Properties for PVC-U Water Well Pipe

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